Royal Court + Tachbrook St Market


So I happened to be on the Royal Court stall doing my odd poems on the typewriter when this lovely lady from this shiny London magazine happened by Sudden Attack Moonhack. She requested a poem on one of the stallholders. I typed one out, and ended up with a poetry mention in the magazine.

I love the Royal Court project at the Tachbrook Street Market Star Wars The Force Awakens. It’s an outpost on the principles of outreach, and combines an audio play trail (which the Court are of course great at and have done before) plus a MARKET STALL, which was something new that I hadn’t seen before 디씨 첨부파일 다운로드.

I generally do a few markets a month on average, so, you know,markets is my thing. But I don’t traditionally associate them with theatre 검사외전 다운로드. So had to see it I must. It also happened to be partially manned by my friend and mentor Ola Animashawun, whom I first met through the RC’s writer’s programmes Cross compiler download. So when I first popped down of course I felt right at home. One thing led to another and I ended up bringing down the typewriter. (I’ll be posting more poems along with the ones I’ve done at other markets soon.)

Until then, the Royal Court folks are there every Thursday & Friday for the summer 오 거룩한 밤 다운로드. You can get generously discounted tickets, free books, or even a customised play. And of course if I’m there I’ll do you a poem.

Check out things going on at:

Thanks to Edwina Langley for the ace write-up Download Battleground Map Hack.

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