Lakes International Comic Arts Festival 2015


Akin to a traditional comics marketplace & artists’ alley, The Comics Clocktower occupies the whole building for the weekend, spread across a number of rooms: one large main hall and several smaller rooms and provide space for approximately 70-80 creators, retailers and publishers. Read More >>

The Gherkin & Sardine – A Poetryzine


Illustrated booklet of poems from a series of spontaneous poetry happenings. 100% hand-drawn and hand-made. Includes classics such as: “The Avocado”, “Melons”, and “Baked Beans”. These poems were originally typed spontaneously on a 1936 Remington Portable, based on topics from any passersby willing to part with a good pound. They … Read More >>

Etudes sur Les Chevalierpodes


Etudes … Now available in the shop: Etudes Sur Les Chevalierpodes – a handmade mini-comic featuring quotes and sayings from the chivalrous ages. Each wise witticism is accompanied by an elegantly detailed study from the chevalierpode folios. Each copy is handmade, hand-stamped, and comes with a mini-print. Available through the shop here.