“There Was Once…” a short comic by Amber Hsu

A handmade minicomic version of “There Was Once…”


In September of 2015 I wrote and drew a short comic for Richy K 쿠티스 다운로드. Chandler‘s Tales of the Tanoox Anthology from the Tempo Lush Tales series. Richy is the creator of “Lucy the Octopus” and Tempo Lush Tales and you can find the original anthology at selected comics shops and Richy’s own etsy shop what you're in love with. The original anthology features over 25 artist including Mike Medaglia, David O’Connell, Keara Stewart, Kim Clements and many more, and forewords by Laydeez Do Comics creators Sarah Lightman and Nicola Streeten in steel. You should definitely check it out!

If you’re looking for something a little smaller, however, I’ve now made my comic into a handmade mini-comic, which is available via my shop here and on etsy @studiohsu 입사 지원서 다운로드.



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