We started an ArtZine.

 “Graphite has never been so cool.” – Neil Gaiman

It’s called Tiny Pencil and features all hand-drawn graphite art, illustration & comics by various brilliant and amazing artists. Each issue asks artists to respond to a theme, and all artwork is made using only pencil, graphite, charcoal or coloured pencils.

The idea for Tiny Pencil came one particularly dark winter after many months of drawing and making a series of bone and doll-laden sets all by my lonesome self. I thought I’d have a better chance of staying human and sane if I found a way to draw with other people.

So I decided to create Tiny Pencil and soon discovered the comics and indie small-press scene. The name comes from a sketchblog I’d once started some years ago. I also loved the idea of creating something beautiful in a simple, democratic medium — one that I have remained resolutely fond of from childhood to this day.

Now I publish all manner of graphite oddities, including drawings of bones and dolls, but with many other wonderful artists (who frankly do a much better job of drawing them than me).

All of the issues are printed in the United Kingdom on FSC-certified paper. You can find full details at, where you can also buy the latest editions.

“In its two-year life, Tiny Pencil has come to occupy a unique position on the small press scene, straddling the aligned worlds of comics, zines and fine art with confidence and poise.”
– Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

“Tiny Pencil is a gorgeous, absolutely spot-on new magazine for contemporary pencil and graphite illustration.” —Foyles, UK National Bookseller of the Year 2013

“Equal parts carnivalesque and expressionistic, with the full range and texture of everything from graphic novel strips to woodland chimeras to speculative landscapes…Taken together, the works are an endearing delivery on graphite’s aesthetic promise…” –Sammy Medina, Fast Co.Design 

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