Filming starts this week on “The Break” for the BBC!

Completely thrilled to be one of the writers commissioned for The Break — a venture between BBC Taster, BBC Writersroom and BBC Drama Production to produce five original short monologues for online, written by up-and-coming BAME writing talent from across the UK. Each short consists of a standalone, contemporary individual monologue.

All of the shorts will be directed by BAFTA Breakthrough Brit, Zam Salim and will be released through BBC iplayer. I owe a huge thanks to Rachelle Constant (Drama Development Editor / Producer BBC) and Anny Edyvean (Head of the BBC Writers Room).


Here are us writers! Sabrina Mahfouz, Charlene James, Inua Ellams, myself and Rena Annobil.

Check out the full story on the BBC Blog!

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