Bunker Without Borders


“What would a world without borders look like, sound like, feel like, and be like?”

The Bunker has partnered with spoken word artist James Chelliah, playwright Firdos Ali, and the artists behind the Bhumi Collective to create a weeklong festival of theatre, spoken word, dance, music, and a few surprises along the way!

From short plays exploring scientists contending with their religion, immigrants confined into modern slavery, and the deadly practice of identity snatching, to stories about childhood in the UK, to dance inspired by conflict, and spoken word touching on everything from anxiety to love to the daily commute, Bunker Without Borders is set to be an epic adventure through the intricacies of our city and our world.

We have an incredible line-up already, and there are still a few more acts to be announced. We want to hear your stories so get in touch on Twitter and Facebook to help Bunker Without Borders share more stories from around the world.

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