Lemons Roses Happiness – A Poetryzine

Hsu_Amber_Lemons_Roses_4x5Fully illustrated handmade booklet of poems from the #onepoundpoem project.

Includes classics such as: “Lemons”, “Roses”, and “Happiness”.

These poems were originally typed on a 1936 Remington Portable and prompted by passersby willing to part with a good pound from their purse.

They have been reproduced here with similarly spontaneous sketches for your enjoyment.

Available at the studio shop here.

A6 booklet. 16 pages + full-colour cover. Printed on recycled and FSC-certified papers, and hand-bound in the United Kingdom.

Photo 02-08-2015 12 21 18 (1) Hsu_Amber_The_Whale_LR

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