Tiny Pencil 2.0! Rise of the Summerzine!


Very excited to announce the arrival of the latest Tiny Pencil 2.0 edition: Mammals, Monsters, Mars! A special all-ages, all-comics, and all-activities mini-zine special…


Box cover by the uber-talented Kristyna Baczynski, and zine covers by the super Eleanor Taylor.

Basically I got to indulge a bit in my love of boxes, games, dice and alliteration with this one.

The limited edition box set comes with three individually themed zines featuring comics and activities by over 25+ artists including Viviane Schwarz, Sarah McIntyre, Gary Northfield, David O’Connell, Kristyna Baczynski, Lizz Lunney, Kate Hindley, Nick Sheehy, Yoko Tanaka, John D. Kilburn….and many, many more.  Plus pencils by Derwent and dice!

These are printed in a strictly Limited Edition and hand-stamped with the edition number. Copies are available HERE!

I’m really proud of all the artists involved who came together to create all this amazing work! Special thanks of course to Katriona Chapman who always puts up with my crazy ideas and helped put it all together!

TINY PENCIL 2.0 Features:

Sophie Alda – Kristyna Baczynski – Pedro Campiche – James Carroll – Katriona Chapman – Briony Cloke – Helen Entwisle – Rose Forshall – Andy Gosling – Katie Green – Kate Hindley – Amber Hsu – Tom Hubmann – Alys Jones – John D. Kilburn – Lizz Lunney – Sarah McIntyre – Gary Northfield – David O’Connell – Lara Robinson – Robert Sae-Heng – Viviane Schwarz – Nick Sheehy – Froydis S. Simonsen – Soju Tanaka – Yoko Tanaka – Eleanor Taylor – Simon Wild


Mammalian Activity by Briony Cloke!

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