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Restless Spirit Projector



Art by Viv Schwarz!

A mysterious machine in a room haunted by ghosts made of light, The Restless Spirit Projector is an interactive game designed by Viv Schwarz with Jonatan Van Hove that invites you to listen in on the secret yearnings of ghosts. Commissioned for the Now Play This 2017 Festival at Somerset House London, this was a really fun project where I created a bunch of characters lost in space, wrote scripts for them, and even performed voices(!) The final installation featured sound design and music by John Peacock plus special voice cameos by Alexis Deacon and Jason Mitchell.

“One of the most popular rooms was introduced with a plaque that read simply, “This room is haunted.” Engulfed in darkness, players used hand mirrors to reflect ghosts (projected sprites) into a trap (a light-detecting orb), pairing them up according to physical clues left around the room – and occasionally removed by the designer Viviane Schwarz – like a notebook filled with handwritten and illustrated stories about the ghosts in question.”
– Jordan Erica Webber in The Guardian


Some of the ghostly fragments gloriously illustrated and animated by Viv Schwarz, including a lost lichen colony, Kepler, Laika the dog cosmonaut, Galileo, Arabella the Spider…



For more on this game and Viv’s work go check out her website!

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